Year: 2009

The Future of Legislative Advocacy

In today’s fast-paced world, we spend our lives making sure we respond to e-mails, voicemails, memos and other demands for information. we speed dial, do canned letters and notes to cut down on the time it takes us to keep up. there’s one arena in which mass or short cut communication methods will actually reduce communication effectiveness in the next …

Insurer remains, but some policies will not

In a major turnabout for the property-insurance market, State Farm Florida said Wednesday it will continue doing business in the state — though it will drop 125,000 residential policies and raise rates.

State Farm and Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty announced an agreement after months of negotiations about the future of Florida’s largest private insurer.

In January, State Farm sent a …

Hurricane-proofing discounts attacked by insurance industry

State leaders and the insurance industry have sent the message time and again to Florida homeowners.

Add hurricane shutters, strengthen your roofs and make other home improvements.

And if you do, you’ll get a two-pronged reward: better protection against hurricanes and lower insurance bills.

But with hundreds of thousands of Floridians receiving insurance discounts, a debate is building about whether …

Why your rates keep rising even without hurricanes

Wayne and Nancy Haller were in the “good hands” of Allstate for 42 years.

The Hallers insured a house, cars, a motorcycle and a boat. They were grateful to Allstate, too, after Hurricane Charley blew apart a pool screen and caused about $9,000 in damage to their New Smyrna Beach home.

So, Wayne Haller didn’t grumble much when his property …

Prepare to pay more for Florida Home Insurance

Seven major Florida property insurers are asking to increase home insurance rates – from 8 percent to 15 percent – within the next year despite several years without serious storms.

The insurers, who are among the top 25 largest home insurers in Florida, submitted the rate proposals to the Office of Insurance Regulation. Most of the insurers say they need …

Mobile Homes, Mobile Market

As we enter the last half of the 2009 hurricane season, the state of Florida has a significant number of mobile homes/manufactured housing at risk. A U.S. Census Bureau report titled Structural and Occupancy Characteristics of Housing: 2000, notes that Florida has over 800,000 of these homes. Tom Zuttel of the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) reported that less than …

Lobbyists Earn Professional Designation

The 5th Annual FAPL Conference has come and gone but results of surveys showed that the topics, speakers, location, and the conference in general was a huge success and if you did not attend, be assured you were missed!

At FAPL’s first Awards Dinner, Larry Curtin, Holland & Knight, received FAPL’s award, “Flying with the Eagles”, for his talent, time …

Citizens Insurance premiums going up for most in South Florida

Most South Florida homeowners covered by the state-run insurance company will see a 10 percent increase in their premiums next year, but a lucky few could wind up with rate cuts.

Most homeowners in South Florida covered by the state-run insurance company will see a 10 percent hike on their policy premiums next year, its board of governors affirmed Wednesday.…

Florida OKs Insurer’s Exit Plan

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty on Friday approved State Farm’s exit from under a plan that would keep state-run Citizens Property Insurance from swelling.

McCarty approved the company’s plan to drop some 800,000 homeowners policies, with conditions.

“Our goal is keep as many homes as possible in the private sector at or below the rates that are being charged by …