Here are some of our accomplishments on behalf of our clients in 2017:

Assisted start-up homeowners insurance companies understand the current market and how to position themselves accordingly; create responsive products to market needs; facilitate conversations with insurance agents; and communicate effectively with policyholders.

Advised property casualty companies on legal and regulatory framework, helping them achieve compliance.

Resolved a compliance issue between an insurance company and the Florida Department of Financial Services, avoiding thousands of dollars in fines and similar scrutiny from multi-state regulators.

Negotiated the transition of a previously regulated consumer service plan to unregulated status outside of the Florida Insurance Code.

Assisted a large flood mitigation device manufacturer to successfully have the device and the outcome it produces included in a prominent catastrophe model.

Recruited talent and created training classes to provide more licensed adjusters to meet a critical shortage facing several insurance companies post-Hurricane Irma.

Helped a client craft a winning proposal for a multi-million dollar contract to provide disaster recovery services after Hurricane Irma.

Negotiated with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to resolve a multi-million dollar contract dispute in favor of an energy-environment client.

Counseled a major firm to win one of only two FEMA catastrophe modeling contracts in the nation.

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