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LMA Newsletter June 13, 2016

Why Do I Do It?

Those of you who know me well know that I spend many days on the road, away from the home and family I love.  In fact, I travel so much that I keep a packed suitcase, with all the basic necessities, ready to go at all times.  After I throw in some appropriate apparel for …

LMA Newsletter May 16, 2016


  May 16, 2016


Everything Was Fine Until Part of the Engine Fell Off


Last week, a longtime friend and insurance colleague, Cheryl Cole, sent me a news article link because she was on that  plane when the engine fell off.  I asked her to write this edition’s opening to give us her personal point of view …

LMA Newsletter March 21, 2016

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March 21, 2016

Important Legislative Calendars

Florida Senate Calendars  | Florida House Calendars |  Upcoming Florida Cabinet Meetings

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The Florida Channel – Live Streams |   Florida Senate |    Florida House |     Online Sunshine Legislative Info     Upcoming Citizens Insurance Meetings

It’s A Wrap…Again

As we take a few moments to look back over the…