2018 Legislative Action on Hurricane Irma Recovery

Focus on Hurricane Irma Damage

The 2018 Florida Legislature spent considerable time advancing specific recommendations by the House Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness following Hurricane Irma.  Included are a number of evacuation-related proposals, including using passenger rail to evacuate citizens and looking at converting portions of highways during emergencies into all one-way traffic, a process known as “contraflow.”  …

Few Consumer Insurance Complaints from Hurricane Irma

Insurers are taking care of their Florida policyholders

Insurance companies responding to claims filings from Hurricane Irma’s destruction in Florida stepped-up to the plate as evidenced by the very low number of consumer complaints filed with the state.  The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) reports that 548 consumers either had a question, complaint, or wanted assistance from its Division …

Here are some of our accomplishments on behalf of our clients in 2017:

Assisted start-up homeowners insurance companies understand the current market and how to position themselves accordingly; create responsive products to market needs; facilitate conversations with insurance agents; and communicate effectively with policyholders.

Advised property casualty companies on legal and regulatory framework, helping them achieve compliance.

Resolved a compliance …

Blockchain Can Make the Insurance Industry More Transparent

Throw Away the Curtains

At LMA, we are doing all we can to follow “Insurtech” which is the evolution of new technologies transforming the insurance industry like “Fintech” that is doing the same for the banking and finance industry. Autonomous Vehicles (AV’s) are just around the corner and at some point drones will deliver your groceries. And blockchain platforms are …

Growing Florida’s Private Flood Market – Part One

Florida’s private flood insurance market is growing while Congress tries to find its way to potential fixes for the beleaguered National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Just in time for the start of hurricane season, the Florida Legislature has made it even easier for private insurance companies to write flood coverage in the Sunshine State.  The private market is seen as …

Major Insurance Issues Fail in Florida Legislative Session – Podcast Explains How & Why

The Florida Legislature ended its 2017 session this week three days late – and without passing most of the major insurance-related bills.  These include Assignment of Benefits reform, Workers’ Compensation reform as mandated by the state Supreme Court, and No-Fault Personal Injury Protection automobile insurance reform.  What went wrong?  Host Lisa Miller, a former Florida deputy insurance commissioner, takes the …

Taylor Biehl talks with Lisa Miller about the 2017 Legislative Session

In the closing days of the 2017 Florida Legislative Session,  Capitol Alliance Group Legislative Programs Director Taylor Patrick Biehl discusses passage of the bill to implement the voter-approved constitutional amendment allowing residential use of solar power as well as efforts to approve a bill on the use of medical marijuana to treat debilitating conditions.  www.CapitolAllianceGroup.com