Few Consumer Insurance Complaints from Hurricane Irma

Insurers are taking care of their Florida policyholders

Insurance companies responding to claims filings from Hurricane Irma’s destruction in Florida stepped-up to the plate as evidenced by the very low number of consumer complaints filed with the state.  The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) reports that 548 consumers either had a question, complaint, or wanted assistance from its Division of Consumer Services.  That 548 represent 0.061% (0.00061) of the 900,228 claims made to date.  The Division recovered $8.4 million on behalf of those consumers, of the $7.95 billion in insured losses paid to date (0.1%).

Recoveries included insurance claim payments and premium refunds that consumers turned to the DFS for help.  Its consumer helpline (1-877-MYFLCFO) helps Floridians understand their rights with the insurance claims-filing process and works to satisfy any questions or complaints regarding financial and insurance-related matters, including disaster preparation and insurance fraud, as well as auto, home, health, life and small business insurance.  Consumers can also get help through the Division of Consumer Affairs website, www.myfloridacfo.com/division/consumers.

While we all hear people complaining about insurance companies from time to time and for various reasons, the statistics tell a much different story.  We salute the men and women of this proud industry who serve with dedication and distinction in offering and servicing products that protect people’s lives and property and provide good-paying jobs to Florida’s economy!