Intersection: Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

August 30, 2019, WMFE-FM, Orlando – “When you are filing an insurance claim, make sure you have all the documentation about your damage.  Take pictures, keep a journal – I recommend a claim journal.  Because remember, when the insurance adjuster comes to see you, you have to reconstruct for them what it was like before the damage.  It’s helpful.  Be as helpful and as facilitative as you can.  Most importantly, be patient.  Filing an insurance claim is a process.  It’s not easy.  And working back and forth with an insurance company and trying to be patient is my best advice.”  (Original story location: )

ORLANDO, Fla. – Food, water, gas and other essentials are top of mind for residents getting ready for the hurricane.  But don’t forget what you’ll need to do if you have to make an insurance claim. Florida’s former deputy insurance commissioner Lisa Miller joins us with some pointers.  (Interview begins at the 38:40 mark into the program.)