LMA NEWSLETTER September 28, 2020

Funny, But No Laughing Matter!

This past week was a significant one on the Florida insurance litigation front, with decisions in two major cases.  But first, some levity to help start your Monday morning and a new workweek on the right foot that also has everything to do with our increasingly litigious society:

(Credit: Jeff Foxworthy from Netflix and Comedy 

Florida Bar v. Scot Strems

Judge: 14 Bar rules broken

The disbarment trial of South Florida plaintiff insurance lawyer Scot Strems has ended with the judge finding The Florida Bar had proven 14 of its 17 rule violations “by clear and convincing evidence.”  He’s been under suspension by the Florida Supreme Court since early June, following a filing by The …

Hurricane Sally Claims

Upwards of $3B insured damage

I returned last week from Pensacola, where I spent several days helping homeowners and other insurance consumers in recovery efforts from Hurricane Sally the week prior.  The most severe wind damage seemed to be limited to areas near the coast or open bay waters.  What I saw was mostly minor …

Model Private Flood Act Approved

NFIP expires Wednesday

There are several important flood insurance stories to report this week.  A private flood insurance model act was passed over this weekend, Congress is prepared to extend the National Flood Insurance Program for a full year, and there’s growing support for a mandatory federal flood risk disclosure requirement on home sales.

We’re …

Governor Supports Liability Protection

Businesses fear COVID lawsuits

As we’ve reported over the summer, work has continued behind the scenes among some Florida legislators and other elected officials to craft a bill that would provide liability protection for businesses related to the coronavirus pandemic.  Now, Governor DeSantis has weighed-in, saying he would favor such a bill.

The Governor last …

PIP Reimbursements Are 80%

MRI providers’ lawsuit fails

An ongoing series of lawsuits by South Florida medical providers against automobile insurance companies regarding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims is over, with an appellate court affirming Florida’s No-Fault law calls for 80% – not full – reimbursement for medical expenses from car accidents.

In Plantation Open MRI et al v.

Revising Florida’s State Constitution

Amendments 3 & 4: Open Voting & Future Amendments

(Editor’s note: This is the second of a three-part series on the six proposed state constitutional amendments that will appear on the November 3 ballot for Florida voters to consider. View part one.)

Amendment 3 is titled “All Voters Vote in Primary Elections for State …

You Can’t Take It with You

At the beginning of the newsletter, we mentioned the obligation we all have to protect our senior citizens.  Well one of those senior citizens is looking out for all of us with a lasting legacy gift. The billionaire founder of airport retailer Duty Free Shoppers, Charles “Chuck” Feeney, has just recently finished his goal of …