Lobbyists Earn Professional Designation

The 5th Annual FAPL Conference has come and gone but results of surveys showed that the topics, speakers, location, and the conference in general was a huge success and if you did not attend, be assured you were missed!

At FAPL’s first Awards Dinner, Larry Curtin, Holland & Knight, received FAPL’s award, “Flying with the Eagles”, for his talent, time and professionalism. Larry Curtin along with Wilbur Brewton served as pro bono legal counsel during their Board of Directors’ service. Other award recipients were not available and will receive theirs at a future FAPL event.

Also during the conference, 47 members were presented with the association’s Designated Professional Lobbyist (DPL) certificates and are listed below. Carl Adams, President of FAPL stated, “These designations presently are the highest recognition available for lobbyists who are registered in Florida. The designation is a continuation of FAPL’s mission to raise the professional and ethical bar of the lobbying profession.”

L. Carl Adams, FAPL
Garrett Blanton, Holland & Knight
Michelle Belaire, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Hubert “Bo” Bohannon, The Fiorentino Group
Christopher Carmody, Gray-Robinson, P.A.
Keyna Cory, Public Affairs Consultants
Jack Cory, Public Affairs Consultants
Larry Curtin, Holland & Knight
David Custin, David R. Custin & Associates
Wendy Dodge, Polk County Public Schools
Andy Feeney, AT&T
Diana Ferguson, Florida Association of Counties
Edgar Fernandez, Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department
Nancy Garcia, NE Florida Association of Realtors
Trey Goldman, Florida Association of Realtors
Jose Gonzalez, Associated Industries of Florida
Jennifer Green, Liberty Partners of Florida
Patricia Greene, Holland & Knight
Paul Handerhan, MCS, Inc.
Michael Hightower, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida, Inc.
Scott Howat, Orange County Public Schools
Bill Hunter, Association of Florida Community Developers, Inc.
John Johnson, Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Guy Jordan, Pfizer, Inc.
Mark D. Landreth, Florida Credit Union League
Fred Leonhardt, Gray-Robinson, P.A.
Cindi Marsiglio, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Sarah Zieman Martinez, Florida Association of Realtors
Elise McCabe, AT&T
Mia McKown, Holland & Knight
Lisa Miller, Lisa Miller & Associates, LLC
Eric Poole, Florida Association of Counties
Adam W. Potts, Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Trey Price, Florida Association of Realtors
Valerie Rogers, Florida Association of Counties
John Rothell, Florida Association of Realtors
John Sebree, Florida Association of Realtors
Lane Stephens, SCG Governmental Affairs
Nancy D. Stephens, Nancy D. Stephens & Associates, LLC
Nancy Stewart, Nancy Black Stewart, P.A.
Robert Stuart, Gray-Robinson, P.A.
Davin Suggs, Florida Association of Counties
Sarrah Troncoso, Florida Association of Counties
Whitney Walker, The Fiorentino Group
Elizabeth Wester, Floridian Partners, LLC
Joe York, AT&T
Victoria Zepp, Zepp Strategic Partners

Additional educational opportunities for the DPL designation will be scheduled later this year. Be on the lookout for these future programs.

Questions about the conference or any course work can be directed to FAPL at 850-224-8925 or email Carl at [email protected].