With nearly one-third of Florida’s state budget devoted to education, few policy issues garner as much attention or command of the public – and policymakers.  Florida has become a national leader in education innovation and competitiveness, fueled by measuring what we treasure: student achievement.

Although good data begets good policy, it does so only when applied in the right place at the right time and with the right people.  That’s where Lisa Miller & Associates helps you succeed in this massive governmental area.  We have a knack for business development, awareness, and legislative advocacy. The LMA team, as part of a coalition, has been successful in securing $100 million in appropriations for charter schools’ facilities funding.

Education Services Include:

  • K-12 and charter school policy
  • Career and Technical Education policy
  • Higher Education policy
  • Education appropriations
  • Economic incentive programs

At Lisa Miller & Associates, we have a passion for policy and client success.  Put Our Passion to Work for You – Give Us a Call Today!