Private Flood Insurance & Resilience

The 2019 flood insurance marketplace is offering unprecedented opportunities for:

  • Consumers looking for available and competitively priced flood coverage from a growing list of private insurance companies
  • Insurance companies that want to expand into a now profitable private line
  • Analytics and modeling firms able to leverage powerful technology into new applications for those insurers
  • Brokerages looking to expand beyond the limited National Flood Insurance Program policies
  • Resiliency firms offering flood mitigation products and services
  • Local Government & Public Sector Organizations looking to reduce their catastrophe exposure, decrease costs, and improve public safety in response to extreme weather

The private flood insurance market is seen as a much-needed alternative to the debt-ridden, outdated, and increasingly expensive federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).   Even more so for Florida consumers, who are largely subsidizing the NFIP, receiving just $1 in claims benefits for every $4 in paid premiums.

New modeling technology and in Florida, a welcoming regulatory environment, have caused a doubling of the number of private insurance companies writing flood coverage here in the past two years. Our clients include actuarial experts, disaster modelers, and third-party vendors who are utilizing new technology to better predict and price flood risk – and offering better priced products than the NFIP in many instances.

Private market insurance is just one part of the 21st Century approach to flood protection that Lisa Miller and Associates is using to help its clients. Resiliency efforts are seeing a rebirth, too. With greater coastal flooding, FEMA estimates that for every $1 spent on pre-event mitigation, $6 is saved in insurance claims. If it’s resilient, flood insurance will follow!

Lisa Miller & Associates served as an advisor on passage of Florida’s two key laws (SB 1094 and SB 542) and is now at the center of a team exporting that progressive flood insurance legislation as a model to other states. While Congress works on various NFIP reforms, Lisa Miller, known for her consumer advocacy, is helping clients of all sizes seize the tremendous opportunity for the private market to fill the vacuum and provide consumers improved availability and affordability in flood insurance and greater safety in resiliency. Please check out our efforts and resources below and read Lisa’s latest Risk Management and Insurance Review article.

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Startling Statistics:

  • Nearly 60% of Floridians who live in flood hazard zones have no flood insurance
  • The other 40% have purchased 1.75 million NFIP policies, paying $962 million in premiums as of January 2018, covering about $434 billion in property value.
  • NFIP rates rose an average 8% in 2018 – following rate increases of 18%-25% in recent years – and are expected to rise again in 2019 as part of a risk-rating “redesign”.
  • The Tampa Bay area is the third most at-risk area in the country for flood, with almost 460,000 homes at risk from tidal storm surge from the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa and Hillsborough Bays. The cost to rebuild those homes is estimated at nearly $81 billion.

Lisa testifying about flood mitigation programs before a legislative committee (October 2017)

Lisa presenting model flood insurance legislation before the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (July 2018)

Lisa addressing the National Flood Conference (June 2018)

Lisa presenting mitigation and resilience strategies during a panel discussion at the National Flood Conference (June 2018)

Media Coverage of LMA Efforts on Private Flood Insurance & Mitigation (Resilience)

  • Canceling the program’s debt would essentially amount to a $20 billion subsidy of flood claim filers, where “taxpayers who were not affected by instances that caused the event are subsidizing those that were.” Bipartisan Flood Insurance Compromise Gets Lukewarm Reception, Bloomberg Environment, June 11, 2019.
  • “The goal is to educate other states’ legislators using language that was tested in Florida.” Spreading Florida’s model laws nationwide, by Lisa Miller, Property Casualty 360, August 20, 2018
  • “With Congress once again kicking the can down the road on needed reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) until its next expiration on Nov. 30, the time is ripe for the private insurance market to step up and play a greater role in providing Americans needed flood coverage.” Op-Ed: Florida’s flood laws can be a nationwide model, Miami Herald, August 14, 2018
  • “While Congress works on various reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the time is ripe for the private insurance market to step up and play a greater role in providing Americans needed flood coverage.” Lisa Miller Commentary: How Florida’s Flood Insurance Model Could Work Nationwide, Insurance Journal, August 1, 2018
  • “They want people talking about impact windows at their next party,” said Lisa Miller, an insurance industry consultant and one of FAIR’s earliest supporters. “They want homeowners competing not to see who can get the fanciest granite countertops but who will be the first to install hurricane-resistant roof straps and asphalt shingles.” Miller said she looks forward to seeing what Neal and Handerhan can accomplish with the FAIR Foundation’s storm preparedness goals. “Their mission is to make mitigation as cool as Starbucks,” she said. We All Need To Be Storm Preppers, Insurance Watchdog Group Urges, Sun-Sentinel, January 26, 2018
  • “Models are important because the NFIP and parent FEMA don’t use models, they use only maps,” said Lisa Miller, a former Florida Deputy Insurance Commissioner. “But models help differentiate the flood risk between a property owner in Zone X with mitigation measures versus another person in Zone X without mitigation and insurance premiums are being priced accordingly and more reasonably by the growing number of private flood insurers entering the marketplace. Consumers are benefiting,” said Miller. Flood insurers in Florida have doubled thanks to technology, Intelligent Insurer, July 20, 2017

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