Legislative & Regulatory Monitoring

At Lisa Miller & Associates, we make it easy to follow the legislative and regulatory process in Tallahassee.  The LMA team monitors policy to effectively identify and prioritize opportunities for our clients.  When necessary, we will be at the rostrum advancing and defending our clients’ concerns.  We also assist legislators and their staff in developing policy.

Lisa working between chambers in the final hours of a recent legislative session

The entire LMA team, powered by sophisticated analytics, believes in clear, concise, and complete communication.  We provide custom updates and analysis of key bills, administrative rules, and issues to make it simple for you to follow legislation and regulation.  In addition to Lisa’s newsletter updating events, clients receive personal emails and phone calls to inform them of what they need to know.  We receive and review queries often late into the evening- LMA does not have a time clock.  We are 24/7/365 for our clients.  No phone call or email goes unanswered.

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2021 Bill Watch, Legislative Session Wrap-up (click to view)

Legislative & Regulatory Monitoring Services Include:

  • Bill tracking
  • Bill drafting & Rule drafting
  • Legislative Update reports
  • Regulatory rule hearings
  • Monitoring state agency activity

Read the Final Special Session 2022 Florida Legislature Bill Watch
Read the Final Regular Session 2022 Florida Legislature Bill Watch





Talking with Rep. Rene Plasencia, co-sponsor of Rep. Jamie Grant’s Assignment of Benefits bill.

Sharing a lighter moment with Rep. Gayle Harrell outside of the House Chamber.