LMA NEWSLETTER April 29, 2024

A Roof Over Our Heads

A couple of days from now on May 1, dozens of housing experts will convene in St Petersburg to talk.  And who is leading the conversation?   None other than former state Senator Jeff Brandes who I often call the velvet hammer.  When you listen to this 25-second spot, Senator Brandes is just doing what …

Florida Regulators Talk to Policyholders

Plus, the easing FEMA standoff in Southwest Florida

Some new data and insights from a state insurance roundtable that included policyholders, FEMA has extended its deadline and is said to be working closely with five Lee County governments to save their federal flood insurance discount, plus new rankings on the largest property insurance companies in …

Yaworsky Defends Florida Insurance Market from Academics

The inconvenient truth

Florida Insurance Commissioner Michael Yaworsky is disputing a recent academic report that claims Florida’s property insurance market is full of “low quality insurers,” especially those Florida-based companies that write the bulk of the 7.5 million homeowners and condo insurance policies.  The report casts aspersions on Demotech, the rating agency that reviews the …

A Cat-5 Resistant Home in 30 Days

Plus, another shift in wetlands authority

Wetlands permitting authority in Florida will return to the federal government for now, new high-tech storm-resistant homes are now being built in factories in South Florida, and there’s a renewed fight in Congress on a just-implemented SEC climate disclosure requirement on publicly-traded companies.  It’s all in this week’s Environmental

Florida Inflation Rate Tops in U.S.

Priciest neighborhoods, too

Population growth has brought Florida the highest inflation in the nation, and with it, seven of the top 10 most expensive communities for home prices, plus what $98 million is going to buy in Panama City from BP oil spill settlement proceeds.   It’s all in this week’s Florida Economy News.


Coral Music

Sometimes, when our ideas feel like they’re falling on deaf ears, all we have to do is set them to a different tune – literally.  That’s what Heather O’Leary did when she went to publish a study regarding the impact of algae blooms and coral reef depletion on tourism.  Co-authored by three other University of …