LMA NEWSLETTER February 6, 2023

If your driver’s license says Florida, you need flood insurance

Last week I attended two conferences, one with the state’s emergency management professionals and the other with insurance and reinsurance professionals.  There is a bridge between the two professions that I have long recognized and it was evident as I listened to panel sessions and gatherings about topics ranging from FEMA grant reimbursements to the …

Florida’s Affordable Housing Challenge

New worries, measures

While Florida leads the nation in a lot of positive economic indicators such as population growth, job growth, and low unemployment, the cost of housing – affordable housing – has become a real challenge.  It’s gaining attention among state policymakers and is the focus of this week’s Florida Economic News.


Citizens Takeouts Resume

Plus, new reinsurance proposal

The first major takeout of Citizens Insurance policies in three years, the wait for a new reinsurance lifeline for Florida insurance companies, a strict interpretation of AOB cancellation provisions, plus Citizens reveals required flood insurance counts on applicable windstorm policies.  It’s all in this week’s Property Insurance News.

Citizens Takeouts:

More Disaster Relief on the Way

Legislature, FEMA coming through

The Florida Legislature begins a special session today to consider greatly bolstering disaster recovery efforts from Hurricanes Ian and Nicole as the death toll rises yet again, while local communities share the barriers to storm recovery.  Plus, an anticipated boost from FEMA for Florida’s mitigation efforts to avoid future storm damage.  …

Bill Watch

Another special session begins

This week’s special session of the Florida Legislature goes beyond considering additional hurricane relief to include bills on election law enforcement, illegal immigration, intercollegiate athletics, and special taxing districts, including Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District. You can read the details in Senate President Passidomo’s memo.  You can read about the …

New Highway Projects, Sooner?

Plus, the new building code & Lake O repairs

A proposed super-boost to Florida’s highway projects funding, a new state building code is on the way, Lake Okeechobee’s protective dike is now officially fixed, and Florida’s orange crop has set another dubious record.  It’s all in this week’s Environment & Engineering Digest.  

Highway Funding:

More Medical Marijuana Operators Coming

While recreational pot drive makes progress

The list of legal medical marijuana growers is growing, while a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana is advancing to the state Supreme Court.  Plus, up to 7,600 people across the U.S. may have fake nursing credentials sent by three Florida nursing schools that the feds say were running an …

The old days… A Trip to Stuckey’s

At the conferences I attended this past week there was such a wonderful group of old and young.  The old timers like myself talked about everything from the cost of gas 20 years ago to Hurricane Andrew 30 years ago!  In a group I hosted for a great evening meal, I reminisced about taking trips …