LMA NEWSLETTER March 20, 2023

Bill Watch

Recap of Week 2 & Preview of Week 3 of Session

This past week in the legislature saw one of the first “marathon” committee meetings of this session regarding high-rise condominium inspections and tort reform.  The Senate Fiscal Policy Committee on Thursday was scheduled to meet for three hours and instead met for seven hours …

Pick-up in Lawsuits Ahead of Tort Reform

Plus, the “reinsurance bridge” to stability

Signs of a spike in filed lawsuits to get ahead of expected tort reform, the need for a reinsurance bridge to weather this upcoming hurricane season as Citizens Insurance makes a tough reinsurance buy, Hurricane Ian claims approach $14 billion, plus our now official insurance commissioner.  It’s all in …

Hurricane Ian Recovery

Damage could top $113 billion

Nearly six months after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida and $7 billion later in response and recovery spending, clean-up continues with more than 600 families still in hotel rooms. 

FEMA reports that $6.97 billion in federal funding has been spent to date helping Floridians recover from Ian, which came …