LMA NEWSLETTER March 4, 2024

Bill Watch

Recap of Week 8 & Preview of Week 9 of Session

Emotions: Session’s Final Days of Debate

This past week in the legislature has been an emotional week with legislators discussing bills that dealt with the Florida Dozier School for Boys atrocities (the school was open for a century and closed in 2011) and rallies …

Condo Governance Bill Shaping Up

Fixing “toothless” regulation

Legislation is continuing to move forward in the Florida Legislature this session reshaping and enforcing accountability for condominium board members, an issue discussed in our November 20 newsletter last year.  According to many involved, the current condo landscape has far too many loopholes for bad actors to escape accountability, with the proposed …

The Truth Behind the Citizens Warning

Plus, a new hurricane warning

Governor DeSantis’ warning about Citizens Property Insurance, details on the next rate increase facing some Florida policyholders, how excess litigation is driving higher automobile insurance rates, plus what Florida disaster management officials will be doing differently in the next hurricane.  It’s all in this week’s Property Insurance News.


Conflicting Presuit Notification Decisions

Plus, mind your AOBs!

The court battles continue on whether presuit notification in a property insurance claim retroactively applies, precision counts in Assignment of Benefits contract language, and a court rules in one case that you can have an appraisal without itemization of costs.  It’s all in this week’s Legal Briefs.

Presuit Notice Problems

What’s Killing the Keys’ Fish?

Plus, Fla’s changing energy policy

Scientists are puzzled at what’s killing certain species of fish in the Florida Keys and making others behave oddly, how gambling money from Indian reservations in Florida would go to preserving land and wildlife, plus Florida lawmakers are poised to overhaul state energy policy and regulation.  It’s all in this …

The Stress & Strain of Adjusting

Dangers facing our insurance adjusters

We know that our first responders, beyond the physical dangers they face, can also suffer from the mental stress of their jobs and sometimes traumatic stress.  But did you know that our insurance adjusters can, too?   Being on-scene of hurricanes and other catastrophes can impact their mental health and the …