LMA NEWSLETTER November 20, 2023

Farmers, Friends and Funding

I grew up in Plant City, Florida with its mix of a quaint downtown and strawberry fields.  To this day that mix is still fueling much of Eastern Hillsborough County’s growth.  So many of the strawberry farmers are my friends and I know the struggles they have in the bad weather years and celebrations they …

More Home-Hardening Dollars Approved

Lawmakers hear needs of Idalia’s rural communities, too

In addition to providing more relief for farmers who suffered damage in last August’s Hurricane Idalia (see our Open story), the Florida Legislature in its recent special session also agreed to more funding for a program that helps homeowners fortify their homes against future hurricanes.  Meanwhile, an …

Lawmakers Probe Condo and Homeowners Associations

How AI may soon help weed-out bad actors

The Florida Legislature in its upcoming January regular session is also going to take another look at condominium governance and regulation.  The Senate Regulated Industries Committee last week got an earful from a panel that said Florida’s 1.5 million condo unit owners are too much at the …

Are Changes Afoot in Florida’s Offers of Judgment?

Lawmakers hold hearing

Florida lawmakers are also expressing an interest in the Offer of Judgment statute (s.768.79, F.S.), colloquially known as the Proposal for Settlement (PFS) statute.  Its intent is to incentivize parties in lawsuits to accept reasonable settlement offers and to punish them when they take up court time on cases that …

More Calls for Property Insurance Reform

As insurance company costs exceed premiums

The clamor for more state property insurance relief takes on a new voice in Congress, State Farm suffers another big underwriting loss, Citizens Property Insurance reports encouraging news on lawsuits, and yet another drop in Florida workers’ compensation insurance rates.  It’s all in this week’s Property Insurance News.


Last Week’s Rains and New Flood Prevention Measures

Plus, proposed expanded flood disclosures

A big storm system brings more flooding to South Florida, Fort Lauderdale unveils plans to answer last April’s 25-inch deluge, and a Florida bill could require flood disclosures on all property sales in the state.  It’s all in this week’s Flood Digest.

South Florida Soaking: A large non-tropical storm that …

Banning Leaf Blowers

The growing trend

Across the US, over 11 million leaf blowers kick into action every year, blasting the natural autumn leaf cover far and wide – something that may soon come to an end.  The general upkeep of the lawn has long persisted and become somewhat synonymous with the American dream – but the rolling, …

A Thanksgiving Wish

As the colder months of the year really begin to settle in and we huddle inside to avoid the elements, it gives us time to reflect on our lives, friends, family and other relationships that have gotten us this far.  The holidays bring us all back together.  They offer us a moment of respite from …