LMA NEWSLETTER February 5, 2024

Bill Watch

Recap of Week 4 & Preview of Week 5 of Session

We are at the midway point now of the Florida Legislature’s nine-week session!  I have had lots of you call and write to ask how you can help.  That means so much and one of our readers volunteered to cover a committee meeting with …

Appraisal First, Coverage Questions Later

Plus, skipping insurance shopping

A definitive decision from Florida’s highest court on whether an appraisal can be ordered before coverage issues are decided on an insurance claim, food for thought on how to manage this decision, plus a market report shows the depth of discouragement by Florida homeowners and auto insurance policyholders.  It’s all in …

FEMA Releases Hurricane Ian Flooding Report

Newer, elevated homes fared best

FEMA has just released its Hurricane Ian NFIP Claims Analysis on single-family houses in Southwest Florida and the flood damage was staggering.  Ian officially ranks as the fourth most expensive flood disaster by National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) payouts, right behind Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, and Sandy.  The report also provides …

Progress on Florida’s Blue-Green Algae Problem

Plus, $Millions to study cow burps

Another piece of Everglades restoration to stem troublesome blue-green algae is now in place, a new report warns of an alarming drop in Florida farmland, and University of Florida researchers are receiving millions of federal dollars to study and reduce cow burps.  It’s all in this week’s Environmental and

Florida Home Sales Drop in 2023

Yet consumer sentiment is high

Surveys show that Florida’s consumer sentiment is at a two-year high, home sales in the Sunshine State drop in 2023 despite more listings and in some areas higher prices, and many people say they are choosing to rent over buying their homes for now.   It’s all in this week’s look …