LMA NEWSLETTER June 26, 2023


Two years ago, 98 people were killed when their 12-story condo building collapsed in the middle of the night.  The 40-year old Champlain Towers South condo in Surfside, Florida had unaddressed structural problems often called “deferred maintenance.”  There are federal investigators studying “why”, newspaper reports from around the world reporting “when”, families who mourn the …

Newer Code Homes Better Survived Hurricane Ian

Vegetation seemingly helped counter storm surge

A final report on Hurricane Ian submitted to the Florida Building Commission contains conclusions and recommendations that provide new insight on the Category 5 storm’s damage and what changes may be needed to the current 2020 Florida Residential Building Code (FRBC). 

Hurricane Ian made landfall last September in Lee …

Ian Claims & Losses Rise, Nicole’s Sink

The difference is the flooding

We also have updated insured damage estimates from Hurricane Ian to share with you, as well as some surprising new claims data from last November’s Hurricane Nicole.  The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) recently held an updated data call for the latest claims figures from insurance companies for both …

Fortifying Florida’s Homeowners Insurance Market

Yaworsky leads, surplus lines gain ground

Florida’s insurance commissioner comments on claims being closed without payment as he approves more roof endorsements restricting non-storm claims, more Citizens Insurance takeouts are approved, and the surge of surplus lines carriers in the Florida market.  It’s all in this week’s Property Insurance News.

Yaworsky Leads: Two interesting …

Public Adjuster Heading to Prison

Plus, survey shows willingness to commit fraud

A massive five-year long Florida insurance fraud investigation has come to a close with sentencing of the public adjuster who served as ringleader, and a new survey shows nearly a third of younger Americans say they would submit a fraudulent property insurance claim.  It’s all in this week’s …

Plaintiff Firm Must Pay for Hiding Evidence

Plus, jury discretion and the no-estimate AOB

A plaintiff law firm is ordered to pay-up for its misconduct and bad faith litigation tactics, a federal appeals court affirms juries have latitude on damage awards, and the case of one Assignment of Benefits (AOB) claim that didn’t require an itemized estimate for payment.  It’s all in …

Only a Cat 3 Storm Will Move Most Floridians

New money, discounts available for home hardening

A new survey shows that one in four Floridians will ignore hurricane evacuation warnings this summer, expanded incentives take effect to help Florida homeowners harden their homes against hurricanes, and an expanded mitigation discount on homeowners policies takes effect on July 1.  It’s all in this week’s Disaster

Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Innovators

Young Engineers, an organization dedicated to promoting STEM education in the Florida Panhandle, has been making waves with their highly engaging and educational summer camp.  The camp, designed for children in grades K-12, offers an immersive experience where campers explore the fascinating world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through hands-on activities and creative …