Florida Tightens Its Budget Belt

When the Florida Legislature in late March, just as the Coronavirus pandemic ramped up, passed its $93.2 billion budget for the state’s new fiscal year that began last Wednesday, it knew the coronavirus was going to change that number dramatically in the interim months.  Instead, the virus hammered the budget, with virus-related expenses soaring and …

Florida Homeowners Market Update

Handling COVID-19 & storm claims

Our Florida property insurance market update this week includes new population projections and trends from state-backed Citizens Property Insurance, new guidance from regulators on hurricane preparedness and response, and fresh insights from Guy Carpenter on insurance and reinsurance losses from various catastrophes and the coronavirus pandemic.

Citizens:  Citizens held its …

Florida Building Code Update

Wind speed line maps changing

As we reported in last summer’s LMA Newsletter article Pitfalls in Mitigating Hurricane Risk, the Florida Building Code has not been fully effective in protecting homes in the Panhandle clobbered by 2018’s Hurricane Michael, nor have mitigation efforts designed to fortify our homes and businesses against such storms.

After …

New Tool Assesses Flood Risk

Private modeling turning public!

There’s another report that came out this week quantifying the under-classification and reporting of high-risk flood properties here in Florida and in the United States.  But this one has an interesting addition – a property-specific look-up data tool that property owners can use to see any past flood events as well …

Florida Bar v. Scot Strems

Motion to Dissolve Suspension Order

In the June 22 edition of our LMA newsletter, we reported on the Florida Supreme Court’s emergency suspension order issued in response to the Florida Bar’s complaint about Scot Strems and his plaintiff firm.  Mr. Strems filed a response and the Bar this past Friday filed a response to that …

ADA Lawyer Suspended

Admitted to splitting fees with client

Another lawyer in trouble with the Florida Bar has decided to settle his case, agreeing to a suspension of his law license, a fine, and rehabilitation for filing a series of frivolous Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits.   He admitted to misrepresenting his legal experience, submitting excessive billing fees, …

Proactive Disaster Funding

BRIC program progressing

Hats off to FEMA, who continues its “normal” operations while leading COVID-19 response activities and that includes the rollout of the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) program.   FEMA announced last week a webinar series with top experts to explain the program, how it’s going to work, and the expected outcomes.


Man Saves Dog!

If you love your furry friends as much as I do, you understand that your dog isn’t just a pet – they’re family.  As such, tragically losing a member of your family is unfathomable and heart-wrenching, and we’d do anything in our power to save our furry friends if something threatened their lives.

Trent Tweddale …