LMA NEWSLETTER November 30, 2020

The Greatest Process in the World

As a follow-up to the election, I have talked to several candidates in Florida and other states. Here’s what I have learned:

Share a real, live smile.  Voters still appreciate meeting the candidate at their front door even with the candidate standing at least 6 feet away to greet the homeowner.  One candidate walked through …

Coronavirus & the Florida Market

Insurance, lawsuit protection

The winners of the November 3 election, save for a couple handfuls who tested positive for the coronavirus and were excused, were sworn into office during the Florida Legislature’s organizational session on November 17.  The virus, of course, was top of mind, not only with the enhanced personal protective measures for legislators …

A Florida Storm Mitigation Work Plan?

Legislative leaders commit

Florida’s new legislative leaders are signaling an interest in pursuing enhanced disaster management policy through mitigation in the next legislative session that starts March 2.  Their focus includes hurricanes and flooding that’s occurring in this current period of rising sea levels.

House Speaker Chris Sprowls (R- Palm Harbor), in his inaugural address

FEMA Releases Building Codes Study

Florida leads in avoided losses

FEMA is out with a report showing the value of mitigation in having and following modern building codes.  FEMA modeled 18.1 million buildings built in the U.S. since 2000 and found that the nation has benefited to the tune of $1.6 billion in savings each year, based on avoided building …

Strengthening Florida’s Homeowners Market

Citizens’ report teed-up

At its March meeting, the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Board of Governors agreed to contract with Florida State University to conduct an exposure reduction study.  The study would identify any opportunities to reduce Citizens’ exposure as well as opportunities to expand and strengthen the Florida property insurance market.

The report, by FSU’s …

A $442,000 Attorney Fee in a $25,000 Settlement?

Florida appellate court says no!

We’ve chronicled in these pages one of the factors involved in weakening Florida’s property insurance market: attorney fees, especially the misuse of the contingency fee multiplier by plaintiff attorneys.  Another example has come to light in a recent opinion by Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal in Miami.  This should …

More Self-Driving & Flying Cars

Florida leading by example

We have some very cool news to share with you this week on the technology front.  Ford Motor Company has announced it’s expanding its fleet of autonomous (self-driving) cars in Miami, while in Orlando, look for drone-like aircraft to ferry passengers to other Florida destinations within five years.

Ford announced last …

A Spectacular Rescue!

For those of you who haven’t seen the video that went viral last week, a 74 year-old Southwest Florida man did what many of us would do for our animals – save their life even if it might put ours in danger.

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, Richard Wilbanks saw an alligator run up …