Doing Things the Right Way

This weekend, I was in Louisville, Kentucky to enjoy the pageantry and excitement of the Kentucky Derby festivities.  I was so glad it was back after three years without racing due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Like many, I hung out with friends, all adorned in beautiful hats, and placed wagers on the horse that I …

Readying for Special Session

Four issues to be addressed

The special session of the Florida Legislature on property insurance is set to begin two weeks from today as behind the scenes efforts to reach consensus on specific remedies continue to evolve.  The Governor’s proclamation calls for the legislature to address property insurance, reinsurance, civil litigation, and changes to the …

Suggestions for Property Insurance Reform

A real estate and insurance agent weigh-in

I sat down recently with a long-time insurance agency executive and a top real estate agency owner who shared their ideas on which reforms would be most effective for lawmakers to achieve in the upcoming special session.  We recorded our conversation for the latest episode of The Florida

Homeowners Impacts Growing

Plaintiff attorney glib

Florida’s property insurance market turmoil has seen homeowners suffering big rate increases, with some losing their coverage, while a growing number of insurance companies are going insolvent or reducing or eliminating their policy-writing in the state.  The reaction by some of the bad actors responsible for this?  A Miami plaintiff lawyer who …

Lack of Capacity Hits Florida’s Condo Market

Insurance companies retrenching

The Florida Legislature in its regular session earlier this year also failed to reach agreement on high-rise building re-inspections and condominium association reform following last year’s collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo in Surfside that killed 98 people.  That has caused commercial residential insurance rates on condo buildings to soar and …

Florida’s Commitment to Flood Resilience

Statewide & Florida Keys efforts

Florida now has a permanent statewide resilience office to address flooding and sea-level rise, while the state has cleared the way for Monroe County to better coordinate flood resiliency in the Florida Keys, plus how the return of federal earmarks is assisting some projects that would otherwise be ineligible for …

Florida Home Prices, Rents Soar

Concern & accolades

Florida home prices and rents continue to grow faster than the rest of the nation with new concerns they may be overvalued, while two Florida counties have the fastest growing populations in America.  Plus Florida is taking a top spot again as the place to do business.

Home Prices & Rents: Year-over-year …

Up in the sky, look: It’s Space Jellyfish!

Due to our lifelong fascination with all boundary-breaking innovation done here in Florida (it seems to have become a trend), we are back to share yet another SpaceX story.  This time: Space Jellyfish. Unfortunately, Elon Musk has not actually come down on any one of his rockets to announce the discovery of life in outer …