LMA NEWSLETTER June 27, 2022

The Grill and the Fireplace

Like so many of you, I love to cook and one of my favorite chefs is Katie Lee.  When I do have a TV on in the house I tune into the cooking channel and drool over the dishes as chefs serve them from the oven or cast iron pan.  I watch Katie’s show and …

Insurance Insolvencies, Rates Growing

“Highest premiums in the nation”

Another Florida property insurance company goes into receivership, a roofing industry lawsuit is dismissed, Citizens Property Insurance has its rate hike request trimmed, and it’s official: Florida now has the highest homeowners insurance premiums in the country.  It’s all in this week’s Property Insurance News.

Southern Fidelity Insolvency: Despite …

Further Reform Needed

A conversation with a lawmaker & a litigation analyst

Roofers – and especially their attorneys – played prominently into my conversation last week with state Representative David Smith (R-Winter Springs) and CaseGlide CEO Wesley Todd which we recorded for the latest episode of The Florida Insurance Roundup podcast.  We discussed the new property insurance …

Cast Iron Drainpipes

The newest questionable claim

We’ve compared efforts to stop Florida’s decade-old insurance litigation crisis to a perverse game of “whack-a-mole” where as soon as one fraudulent practice is legislated or regulated out of existence, another pops up to take its place.  The newest questionable practice: cast iron drainpipes.

The Insurance Journal’s William Rabb reports

“Loop Current” Cause for Concern

Hurricane season, evacuation preps underway

Almost a month into hurricane season, the tropics are quiet but all major forecasting services are predicting an above-average storm season this year with a new prediction that the troublesome “Loop Current” has returned early to Florida.  Plus a new survey shows 1 in 4 Floridians will ignore hurricane evacuations …

Refusing Federal Flood Insurance

Just one of FEMA’s bold proposals

FEMA is proposing what many are describing as the most dramatic changes in the 54-year history of its National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  It recently submitted a long-term reauthorization proposal to Congress that tries to strike a balance between providing needed federal flood insurance to a growing number of …

Florida’s Housing Contributing to Inflation

State offering help

High housing costs are pushing inflation in Florida higher than the national average as home prices in South Florida hit a record high; how the state is helping first-time homeowners through a multi-million fund; plus why one newcomer says Florida “embodies the American Dream.”  It’s all in this week’s look at Florida …

Hero Back on the Job

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper who put her life on the line by steering her cruiser into the path of an accused drunk driver to save lives is back on duty after a lengthy medical recovery. On the morning of March 6th, thousands of runners were participating in the Skyway 10K run on …